Social Skill Therapy allows children, adolescents, and young adults to interact with peers while learning social skills in their natural environment (playground, school, parties, gym, sports, work, etc.).  Autism, Asperger’s, and ADD in these individuals have a common denominator and that is usually the lack of social skills. Most of the time, they do not respond accordingly to a typical conversation and have inapppropriate body language. In addition to this, there are times that these children feel overwhelmed to the crowd which is difficult for them to handle. As a preparation, we use social skill interventions and development to expose them in areas where there are children for them to gain trust, independence and to explore their capabilities. However, for children who have maladaptive behaviors (hurting others or self-injurious), in home services will be conducted initially then gradually, the child will be introduced to various places to expand on their social skills. We use a combination of assessments and procedures to meet the specific need of your child and to improve the child’s potential across people and environments (Home-School-Community).