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William Loewen

He has been working with special needs children off and on for 17 years in many capacities.

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PAC - Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive

The PAC (Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive) Method
Fitness is the missing key in optimal development for individuals with autism and developmental delays.

While it is becoming clear that the spectrum and special needs population is suffering from low muscle tone, weight gain (to the point of obesity), and poor gross motor skills, the integration of quality fitness and exercise programs for gyms, clinics, home, and school is still limited.

By using Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive (PAC) profile system designed by Eric Chessen, founder of Autism Fitness; Lifelong Athletes’ trained and certified practitioner, William Loewen, customizes each program to the athlete using the PAC system. This allows the practitioner to develop a strategy specifically meeting the needs of that individual and allows for a positive behavior support/motivation/success-driven environment.

Lifelong Athletes is offering one on one and two on one fitness programs designed for the autism population as well as anyone else in the special need population.

Some of the general fitness activities listed below have different variations for the individual based on the assessment to strengthen what needs strengthening, and enhance the skills that already exist.

Lifelong Athletes activities are based on developing these patterns: Squatting, Pushing, Pulling, Rotation and Locomotion. Using these movements as a foundation for a physical fitness program can help to ensure fitness over a lifetime.

We must keep in mind that young people with autism often have deficits in gross motor skills, including strength, stability, and movement planning. A proactive approach to fitness as a part of life can not only close some of these gaps, but enhance a variety of other skills including:
Physical abilities (strength, stability, coordination, motor planning, strength endurance)
Social skills (when activities are performed appropriately with peers)
Self-esteem (when reinforcement is delivered consistently and mastery occurs)
Independence (when the athlete uses physical skills to perform daily life tasks on his/her own)
Cognitive functioning (possible through the enhancement of certain areas of the brain as a result of regular physical activity)

When applying the Autism Fitness Approach to exercise we can greatly increase the likely hood for success. We create a positive environment of physical activity. Lifelong Athletes Autism Fitness program is designed for the autism population using an ABA approach. It can be used with any other special need individual. As a Certified Practitioner, William Loewen has been trained by Eric Chessen, founder of Autism Fitness, to work with all three areas:

Physical: What the athlete is able to do
Adaptive: What the athlete is motivated to do
Cognitive: How the athlete learns best in a physical activity situation

The process of learning healthy movement patterns takes time but once learned can be the basis for lifelong fitness to ensure quality of life.

William Loewen is a trained Autism Fitness practitioner and will work with individual to create a program to meet their needs. He does in home visits and has scheduled venues at different locations. Give him a call for costs and scheduling.

William Loewen
Autism Fitness Practitioner
Phone/FAX 850-626-6132

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