Family-Based Therapy

Your child's behavior effects the whole family. Our process involves the parents and family to enhance the quality of life of the entire family.


Working with our patients in their own home gives us an unique opportunity to address their everyday behavior.  This is convenient and successful.


We work with schools, physicians and families to give our patients the care and services they need to be successful.  We can help you get the aids and support needed.

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Services for Adults

Adults with autism often continue to need ABA support to navigate the uncharted territory of life on the job and in new social environments. Some have insurance that will pay, some have Medicaid Waiver services, and we accept private pay as well for these adults so they are able to continue to receive ABA.


Autism Fitness takes a multidisciplinary approach to fitness that addresses a broad spectrum of developmental deficits enabling you to provide fitness programming aligned to every athlete, regardless of skill or level. 

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Next Steps...

Let's begin this journey together!  We are here to give you guidance every step of the way.  This is going to be a lifelong friendship.