Our Focus

Lifelong Behavioral Services, LLC prides itself on focusing therapy to be functional for the future of the client. We promote social significant skills that allow children with disability diagnoses such as Autism to become independent as possible. We focus on increasing functional communication, social interaction and individualized play skills, as well as academic support to improve our children quality of life for successful independent living.

Our Process

We believe providing therapy in the home allows us to observe client behaviors in the family environment and culture to develop interventions to focus on increasing or decreasing the behaviors. It allows us to teach the skills needed in the atmosphere the client feels safe, familiar and non-threatening.  It allows for functional skills to be taught.

Home/Community based therapy allows opportunities for family/parents involvement in the sessions and receive training to help with the continuum of the development of the client’s skills. We believe that home-based therapy complements center based therapy as well. But the long term goal for the client is to enable them to generalize their skills and maximize their ability in the home, school, and community as happy, productive citizens. We will work with the client’s Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, teachers, and doctors to aid in the development of consistency across all settings.

Your child will receive treatment from a BCBA and sometimes with an experienced, well trained, educated Registered Behavior Technician. After years in the classroom, and clinical setting and home/community environment Lifelong Behavioral Services, LLC believes that there are more benefits for the family and client to see progress to becoming independent functional individuals in society. For more than 50 years, ABA Therapy has shown better progress than any alternative intervention for children with disabilities. ABA is the single most effective treatment for children with Autism and the only treatment shown to lead to substantial, lasting improvements in the lives of children with autism. There are over 1,000 peer-reviewed, scientific articles that describe ABA successes. ABA Therapy is recommended by the US Surgeon General for people with autism as well as the National Institute of Health and the Association for Science in Autism Treatment and ABA Therapy is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics.

Meet the Founder

Working with Lifelong Behavioral Services is meaningful, life-changing, challenging and fun! If you are looking for such an organization to share your special skills and abilities with and grow with, please send in your resume!

Marlene E. Loewen

Founder & CEO

B.S. Special Education
M.Ed. Educational Leadership/Instructional Technology

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Years of Experience: 22 years (Special Education)​

FLDOE Educator Certification:
Elementary Education, (grades K – 6)
Emotionally Handicapped, (grades K – 12)
English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL), (grades K – 12)
Specific Learning Disabilities, (grades K – 12)
Reading, Endorsement
Level 3 Background check
CPR and First Aid Certified

Hobbies: She loves to read, travel, scuba dive and underwater photography. She has lived all over the world and has a passion for teaching adolescents.

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Next Steps…

Let’s begin this journey together!  We are here to give you guidance every step of the way.  This is going to be a lifelong friendship.